At Unity Grammar, we believe that it is our duty to educate students to make informed decisions on courses to study and careers to consider after they leave school. The Unity Grammar Careers program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the career options available to them, from thorough explanations of the university application process to arranging career exhibition visits.

Careers Expos

Unity Grammar provides the opportunity for students from Year 10 onwards to attend the relevant careers exhibitions available in Western Sydney. Our students benefit from visiting and discussing post-school career options with hundreds of exhibitors ranging from accounting to zoo-keeping. Students also meet with representatives of TAFE NSW, private colleges and Australian universities on courses they may consider once their formal schooling is completed.

University Visits

Students are granted an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with university course options and the demands of tertiary study by visiting a variety of universities. The College also arranges for information incursions with university representatives as a means to connect students with enrolment information, entry requirements and early entry programs.

Work Experience

Students from Year 10 spend a week in the workforce to gain an insight into their career of interest. The students learn the value of punctuality, procedures, policies and operations.

Public Speaking

Unity Grammar encourages all our students to become actively involved in public speaking. Public speaking allows our students to enhance their communication skills, improve their confidence in speaking in a social environment, motivate our students to speak with persuasion and learn to capture the audience’s attention.

We encourage our students to take advantage of public speaking opportunities within the classroom and externally against students from other schools. For those students who wish to challenge themselves further, we encourage out students to enter into a range of competitions. Some of these include the United Nations ‘Speak for the Planet’ and Islamic Schools network competitions. Our students have been very successful in these competitions, with both our girls and boys having won their respective age divisions.


Unity Grammar provide opportunities for our students that demonstrate the real-life implications of STEM. Students learn how to analyse the ideas presented in class activities to assist in illustrating how the knowledge and understanding of STEM can benefit our local, national and global community.

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program focuses on cohesively educating students on each discipline. Our STEM initiative has successfully hosted a series of events representing the wide range of concepts and projects involved in STEM education. Unity Grammar is currently a Regional and National Robotics Finalist as well as a competitor in the Robotics World Finals.


Unity Grammar is committed to nurturing and cherishing a sense of belonging and practice of the Islamic faith amongst the entire student body. Unity Grammar is proud to be one of three schools in Australia to take students on the trip of a lifetime: completing the voluntary Islamic pilgrimage to the holy land, ’Umrah. The purpose of these trips is not only to foster a sense of identity and heighten spiritual awareness but also to enhance leadership qualities in attendees.

Students attending the Unity Grammar ‘Umrah pilgrimage gain travel experience as they visit various Islamic Heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Umrah pilgrimage is open to students from Years 10-12.


School camps are an essential part of the extracurricular program, providing students with character building opportunities and lasting memories. For most students, the camp is an opportunity to develop social skills, confidence, teamwork and other values. The camp is held at various locations around NSW. Students engage in activities including archery, abseiling, basketball, kayaking, soccer, swimming, tennis and much more. Camp participation is a unique opportunity for all students.


Unity Grammar believes that involving students in leadership activities is a useful strategy for gaining the cooperation of students and increasing the value of schooling for both students and their families.

Student Leadership allows students to learn about social justice as they participate in activities that highlight the roles and responsibilities of being a part of a diverse community. Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and student leadership positions where students captain academic and sport teams are an aspect of the leadership experience at Unity Grammar. At the Unity Grammar Secondary School, Leadership is a compulsory subject where students investigate past and present leaders, learn leadership skills and develop initiatives to enrich the lives of their peers.

The development of Student Leadership skills involves students:

  • Acting in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty
  • Fostering a sense of vision and purpose
  • Working with others to determine and achieve collective goals
  • Taking on responsibilities and using decision-making skills to carry out successful projects
  • Becoming active, reflective listeners and effective communicators
  • Earning respect through their actions.

At Unity Grammar, we believe that PDHPE and Sport are an integral part of a child’s development. One component of wellbeing which we value for our students is physical wellbeing. We intend to further develop our students’ physical skills and provide more opportunities to participate in sport.

Unity Grammar provide our students with qualified PE staff, who will be teaching PE and Sport from Kindergarten onwards. We also offer Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals, as well as enter both individuals and teams in a range of school and club competitions. Unity Grammar offers numerous sport opportunities for students including formal activities during sport time, sports incursions (such as gymnastics, boxercise and athletics), and excursions (such as swimming and martial arts).

Unity Grammar is a member of the Independent Sydney and Districts Schools Sports Association, which involves well-established independent schools engaging in competitive sports. Unity Grammar, through the commitment of staff, grit and determination of its students and upgraded facilities, has positioned itself as an elite sporting school. Unity Grammar has featured in multiple Basketball, Touch Football, Soccer, Oztag, Rugby and Athletics Finals.

Our students have won numerous Grand Finals in recent years through their hard work and determination. Many of our students have also represented their school in both male and female zone competitions, state competitions and national competitions.