Special Guests

At Unity Grammar, we invite quality guest speakers to provide informative presentations relevant to the Australian Muslim community. Having guest speakers allows the experts to share their extensive knowledge and experience, enabling them to have access to professional expertise and engage in critical dialogue.

We have had the pleasure of previously inviting the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, who reminded the graduating class to live with integrity, be proud of their faith, and be responsible citizens.

Unity Grammar has also been honoured by a visit from Amal Kassir who taught the Unity Grammar community that love will always triumph over hate, good will always triumph over evil and the human spirit will always rise in times of adversity. Amal has spoken at numerous venues including Ted X, American Congress, White House Iftar, the European Parliament and United Nations.

During her stay in Australia she toured Sydney with Unity Grammar students, hosted a special poetry event on our campus which was attended by 9 schools and she was a guest speaker at a Gala event attended by the wider community performing her poetry and message of peace, love and goodwill to prevail for all humanity.

We have also been visited by Mufti Ismail Menk who presented to our students along with key members of the Unity Grammar community to speak about becoming the most exemplary citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Unity Grammar has also hosted a multitude of local and international Islamic speakers who present quarterly in our community lecture nights.

Unity Grammar has also hosted a very special and momentous event with world renowned author, educator and prolific speaker, Yasmin Mogahed exclusively for our students on our school campus. The presentation titled the Muslim Identity inspired our students to take away key practical strategies to strengthen their identity in their schooling years and beyond.