Year 5 Enrolment

The transition from Junior School to Senior School is an exciting experience for students and parents alike. At Unity Grammar students are nurtured throughout their schooling experience to prosper at every stage. 

From Year 5 students have the ability to join and participate in a range of internal and external extra curricular activities like:

  • Our Transition to Senior School Program
  • Exciting FLL & FTC Robotics teams
  • Our Scholarship Program
  • Our Gifted & Talented Program
  • Our Kidpreneur Entrepreneur Program
  • Canberra Excursions
  • Fun School Camps
  • And other Outdoor Learning Experiences

We are currently accepting applications for Year 5

Students commencing in Year 5 will have the opportunity to develop socially and academically within our unique Unity Grammar environment in their formative years while being prepared for transitioning to Senior School. 

We are currently accepting applications for Year 5. If you would like to know more about our enrolment process and criteria, please complete the form and our Enrolment team will contact you. 

For a limited time if you register your interest in joining our Year 5 classes you can access a FREE Junior to Senior School Transition Guide, highlighting all the great features and benefits available at Unity Grammar.

You will be directed to a download page once you have completed the enquiry form.

Register your interest with our Enrolment team.

The academic achievements of the junior school are many and varied.  The College experience, however, is not at all limited to this.  We have an extensive range of extra- and co-curricular sporting, leadership, scholarly and artistic pursuits available to Year 5 students and beyond.

Unity Grammar College prides itself on its ability to provide quality educational programs in an Islamic environment within the Australian community. God willing, you and your family will find the relationship you develop with the school both productive and rewarding. 

Utilising technology to support and promote learning and critical thinking is a feature of the schooling process.  Students have access to iPads, Surface Pros, the technology laboratory, interactive whiteboards and many other information and communication tools to develop and consolidate their learning across all subject areas. 

Our Islamic faith drives the pursuit of excellence and a steadfast commitment to quality education.

Excellence in schooling is about more than just teaching a curriculum. Unity Grammar is a place where children even from as young as Kindergarten learn essential life skills and develop important attitudes that shape personality and character.

Every student knows that they are an important part of our ‘family’. Unity Grammar has a proven and successful track record in meeting the differing needs of learners in each phase of their development from childhood through adolescence to young adulthood.

As a community and family-oriented school, we work with our students, and with you, to develop young men and women who will reach their full potential. They will seize all of life’s opportunities with a positive attitude and embrace the joys and challenges of the future.

Enrolment Years

If you would like to register your interest for a specific year and be contacted back by one of our enrolment team please click on the appropriate link below and complete the short online form.
This form enables you to register your enrolment interest for any of our classes from Kindergarten to Year 12.
This form enables you to register your enrolment interest for Kindergarten for 2023.
This form enables you to register your enrolment interest for Year 7 and our Senior School Programs.
This form enables you to register your enrolment interest for Years 11 & 12 and our HSC preparation program.

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Our talented enrolment team are available during school hours to speak to you directly or respond to your emails. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us on 1800 486 489 or


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An Information Session

We hold regular enrolment information sessions either online or on campus for parents wishing to meet with our team and hear about our quality teaching & learning practices and all the great programs we have to offer. 

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An Application Form

Enrolment placements can sometimes be limited so if you are ready to apply you can easily download an application form here. A non-refundable deposit is required for us to secure your child’s application.